This Chick Read: Neanderthal Seeks Human (Knitting in the City #1) by Penny Reid

I have never had a friend like Janie Morris, you know, that friend that delivers too much information? OK, now that I think about it I may have had a few, and it’s usually really personal stuff that you just shouldn’t be sharing. Janie also has that TMI disease, however when she starts talking it’s usually extraneous facts and figures. She does this when she gets uncomfortable and no one makes her more uncomfortable than Quinn Sullivan. Quinn is that hot security guy at work that all the women whisper and steal glances at, and Janie is guilty of doing just that. However, when you are having the absolute worst day of your life, you find out your boyfriend cheated on you and you break up with him, you have to move out and you have no where to live, and you lose your job? You do not want THAT guy (aka Quinn Sullivan) to witness it. Just her luck, he’s the one who helps her pack up her things and escorts her out of the building. Obviously this is not the end of Josie and Quinn’s story, it’s just the beginning!

Recently I finished Beard in Mind (which I loved!) and was again entranced with Penny Reid’s style of writing. It’s engaging and funny but also packs an emotional punch. I didn’t want to let go! So, I thought I’d start a series that I hadn’t read of hers, and has a ton of books. That is the Knitting in the City series. Just as with the Brothers Winston, this book had kooky characters that while flying solo may be a bit nutty, but when together make the perfect matched set. Quinn and Josie were Salt and Pepper, that matched set.

Quinn played the straight man to Josie’s kooky mess. When she was spouting information he followed her train of thought, asking her questions to keep the conversation rolling. Who knows what was going on in his own mind at times, he was so stoic, but she seemed to bring out an inner light in him that seemed to be missing.

This novel was so much fun to read. Light, fun, and had all the emotions you would want in a romance. The best thing? There are seven more in the series! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️


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