This Chick Read: Love Songs and Other Lies (preview excerpt) by Jessica Pennington

Love Songs and Other Lies is the story of Vee, her best friend Logan, and Cam her love interest. Vee and Logan have been best friends since grade school. With the exception of one summer when they tested the waters as something more before returning to being just friends. When Cam moves to town and starts school with them, he joins Logans band just to meet Vee. Although she didn’t know that.

The story is told through flashbacks that are juxtaposed against current time (a couple years later) when Logan, Cam and their band are on a tour bus being filmed in a battle of the bands type television contest. Logan asks Vee to join them but doesn’t tell her that Cam is traveling with them again. In the first few chapters we realize that Cam and Vee have a history and one that didn’t end well and they are going to hash it out on live television.

This excerpt was fantastic! I totally forgot that I was not reading the entire book and when it cut off I wanted to scream in frustration. I will definitely be looking forward to reading this entire novel when it comes out in the spring.

I was given a copy of this excerpt through NetGalley for my honest opinion and it was honest.

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