This Chick Read: Hooking Up by Helena Hunting

Hooking Up begins at Amie’s wedding. Her brand new husband is humiliating her by cheating on her and everyone hear’s it on the sound system at the reception. Amie downs a bottle of champagne and throws herself at the first man she see’s… our hero, Lexington. This novel is off to a rocky start! However, when Lex turns down her offer, I’m intrigued and  truthfully a bit relieved. As their story continues that integrity shines through in Lexington and combined with Amie’s quirkiness, they grew into a couple I wanted to see find their HEA.

The only other novel of this author’s I’ve read is Pucked, which I liked.  If you haven’t read one of her novels, just beware. Helena Hunting’s style is pretty raunchy. Hooking Up definitely follows that format, but what makes her novels so popular are that her characters have heart and she throws them into laugh out loud situations that make these stories about the characters. I love a good sex scene just as much as the next gal, but what I really love is when I’m caught off guard by a scene and start laughing. Hooking Up is filled with these kind of moments.

OK, let’s talk characters. When I read that scene from the wedding reception, I thought, Oh No! I am not a huge fan of women as victims, however I quickly saw that there was more to Amie’s character than what we were seeing on the surface. This was a woman who had hidden depths! (Totally apparent when I read that HILARIOUS airport x-ray scene!) Lexington was actually just as swoon-worthy as you’d want your male lead to be. He was charming, attractive, honorable and very sexy.

Hooking Up was a fun, sexy, heart-warming love story. I know it’s the second in the series, so if you’re like me and you haven’t read the first, Shacking Up, you’re going to want to jump right in and read it.

Hooking Up- ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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