This Chick Read: The Librarian and the Spy by Susan Mann #giveaway

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The Librarian and the Spy was a mystery wrapped in intrigue disguised as a romance. In my opinion the cover, although cute, did the novel a disservice. The book was so much more than the cover leads you to believe! This book was clever, it’s heroine was bright and the hero had a James Bond-ish charm. Most important was the fact that it was a light hearted mystery first with a touch of romance second.

The novel gets off to a quick start. Quinn the Librarian, is at work when James, undercover as an insurance agent, requests her help researching some jewelry and pieces of art. There is, of course an immediate connection. They are both attractive after all! However, it was Quinn’s intellect that James was also attracted to. She is so well read that she is a walking Encyclopedia. She comes up with tidbits about useful and useless things that created clever dialog and add depth to the storyline. As she gets drawn into the case James is working on, her research becomes invaluable and she ends up working the case full time, against his better judgement. She was agent 99 to his agent 86 (a Get Smart reference for you youngsters!). James, unlike Max in Get Smart, is actually suave and is not a bumbling fool, so the attraction is much more understandable! LOL.

I really enjoyed the surprise I received when I started reading this book. As an avid reader myself, I loved how Quinn got herself out of predicaments by remembering a scene from a favorite book and then re-enacting it. I wish my memory were that good! I also enjoyed the lighthearted romance, partly because Quinn reacted realistically to James and not as a woman in lust.  ❤️❤️❤️❣️


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