This Chick’s Sunday Commentary: My Reading Getaway #sundayblogshare

When I think of summer I think of reading a book on a beach, the sound of surf in my ears and a fruity drink in my hand. Unfortunately I don’t live at the beach, nor am I going on vacation to one. At least this year! I will, however, be cracking open a book or fourteen this summer outside and in, finding a quiet getaway from my family for a few hours lost  in a book. I relish those moments when I can fall in love, solve a mystery, or save a world, even if I am just doing it vicariously.

Sometimes when I’m sitting in my armchair or outside on my front porch I dream of having my own private girly reading getaway. Images flash through my mind of various possibilities.

If I had endless amounts of money, I would build my own cottage in the backyard where I could read and write privately for hours at a time.

Unfortunately, I don’t have those gobs of money to create a getaway that is quite so expansive. But, I could create some that are a lot less expensive.

A secluded daybed bower with an extreme mountain of pillows looks very comfortable! 

Or this little covered bench in the rose garden. I (ok, my husband…) could probably build the bench, but I don’t have a rose garden. Sigh.

A tent is a perfect idea! Set one up in the backyard with a load of pillows and a big pitcher of iced tea. Doable! Although I’d need to buy a tent as I’m not much of a camper. I’ve got the pillows though! Lol.

I love this swinging bed! Especially the chandelier and light hanging over the structure. This could easily be built! However, I lack a tree with a limb to hang the bed from. Looks comfy though!

The picture on the left is a no brainer. Any of us can buy an Adirondack chair and paint it a soothing color! We are getting closer to my budget!

Ah, who am I kidding. As long as the weather is nice I have a perfectly nice front porch to read my book!

Where is your favorite place to read your book? Inside? Outside? I’d love to hear about your reading nook.

Until next Sunday!


11 thoughts on “This Chick’s Sunday Commentary: My Reading Getaway #sundayblogshare

  1. AHH those look like such beautiful and comfortable places to read!! I loveee this post ahah. ❤ I think I usually end up reading inside, in my room? Or on the bus haha but I would so read outside if I had reading spots like this!

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  2. I love reading out on our front porch too. Take my “Off!” clip on so I have bug protection and sit there listening to my fountain while reading. Perfect evening! Unfortunately, we have a Mama Robin nesting right near my favorite chair so there’s not much of that happening. I used to love reading on my bed, but now that I’ve passed 40, my body protests a bit too much about it! hehe.

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  3. I prefer inside in my recliner, cat in my lap. All I could think of when I saw that daybed outside was the bugs that would get into it! I hate anything crawling on me. I don’t like the heat, either. (Yes, I’m a baby). You look very comfy on your porch, though.

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  4. I love to sit outside and read this time of the year. Sitting in the shade on my back patio i great unless the neighbors come over to talk. When it’s too buggy, I have my favorite comfortable chair right next to the open window in the living room so I can still enjoy the breeze. Or the AC when it’s to hot. There is something special about reading outside.

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