This Chick Read: The Last of August (Charlotte Holmes #2) by Brittany Cavallaro

Jamie Watson and Charlotte Holmes are spending the holidays together in England at Charlotte’s family estate when her mother is poisoned and her uncle Leander goes missing. Assuming the Moriarty’s are behind it, they head off to Berlin, where Milo’s company is based and Leander was undercover investigating an art theft ring. While investigating in Berlin things begin to unravel between them.

This novel, like the last one, is told from Jamie’s perspective. Because of this, we hear his thoughts on his romantic feelings for Charlotte, and his whimpers when she treats him poorly.  He did a great job of playing the female teen to Charlotte’s unfeeling male. There was a lot of humor in his grumblings, but I’ll admit to getting a little tired of his whining. At times they are separated while investigating, and it’s nice to see that he isn’t quite as helpless as he portrays himself to be, although he is no Holmes.

August Moriarty enters the picture once they arrive in Berlin. He works as an analyst for Milo, and becomes their guide on Leander’s haunts. Although it doesn’t really seem as if he’s needed other than to throw a wrench into Jamie’s emotions, it is interesting to see the dynamic played out between he and Charlotte.

Once you got past all the muck in their relationship I was able to really enjoy the mystery. I was completely fooled by the whodunit and joined Jamie as an emotional wreck at the end of the story. I can’t even imagine how the next novel will play out, and can’t wait to find out!


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