#RT17 Ruminations and the Giant Book Fair! #Giveaway

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This is my second year at the RT Convention and it was interesting to compare my two experiences. This year I did a lot more writing workshops and seminars, so it was a lot more informational, and a little less as a reader. However, I was able to fit in a lot of events and see my favorite authors, as well as meet some new ones!  I noticed a focus on different genres in the reader events and wonder if next year there will be a different focus? BDSM and Erotica authors were highlighted, which isn’t really my interest. On the opposite end of the spectrum it seemed like there were more inspirational authors. The contrast between those two genres made for an interesting crowd! There were plenty of mainstream events and I never found time to relax, except for when sitting in line for the next event.

For me, the highlights were meeting Ilona Andrews and Charlaine Harris. I am a huge fan of almost every series that they both write, and also know that they rarely make these kinds of events, so I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to meet them. I was excited to see Kristen Ashley, although disappointed because she ran out of books at the Giant Book Fair in the first half hour. I enjoyed seeing and speaking to Rebecca Zanetti and Laura Kaye, and in fact, Laura Kaye was one of the speakers in my writing workshop at the beginning of the week. She lectured on how to write an emotional arc, and I learned a lot!

The best thing about this trip is spending time with my sister. She and I share a love for reading, and look forward to this girls trip every year. Next year the event will be held in Reno at the Peppermill Resort and Casino. That part of the country is gorgeous, so if any of you have ever been tempted to go, I really think it will be worth it! Take the entire week and visit Lake Tahoe which is only an hour away!

I ended my week with the Giant Book Fair. There were several books I wanted that I didn’t pick up through the week. I know, shocking, right? (Final count 140!) This was my chance to purchase those books and meet the authors. I was lucky enough to get a chance to spend a bit of time with each of these, except Charlaine Harris, who was sweet but super busy and took some photo’s to share with you all. She also mentioned her series Midnight Texas will be on NBC in July! LOL.

Charlaine Harris -Night Shift.
Amanda Bouchet-author Kingmaker Series
Coolest inscription!!
Victoria Denault’s new Hockey novel. Love that cover!
Amy E. Reichert gets the prize for coolest ring, and she was so sweet!
The amazingly talented and lovely Rebecca Zanetti!
Most beautiful cover art and lovely person Kristin Smith!


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That’s it about RT17 from me this year, now I need to get back to reading and writing reviews!

I hope you enjoyed my posts!


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