This Chick Read: Devil in Spring (The Ravenals #3) by Lisa Kleypas

I had recently rediscovered the fabulous Lisa Kleypas when I read her last novel Marrying Winterborne, which I had reviewed on my blog. I read a few historical romances a year, and what I had loved about the last book, her skill at writing about intriguing characters, who weren’t the usual romantic leads in a novel, is true again in Devil in Spring. Pandora Ravenal, who we had met briefly before, is an unusual lady. She has an active mind, isn’t interested in ballrooms and a future husband. She wants to own a business, and in fact has already started one, with the support of Rhys Winterborne. She came up with a great idea for a board game and is going to mass produce it and sell it in his department store. So when she does a favor for a friend at a ball and gets stuck in a gazebo, she doesn’t plan to trap Gabriel, Lord St. Vincent into marriage. Unfortunately for the both of them, while he is helping her unwind her dress from the gazebo they are discovered without a chaperone. Oh no! A typical happenstance in these novels, but Pandora comes from an atypical family, who won’t make her marry her suitor. Gabriel feels relief, but then becomes intrigued, and once he spends time with her realizes there is no one else for him.

Pandora was a wonderful departure with her ADHD behavior and lack of conversational skills. She was a beauty, yes, but she lacked etiquette and didn’t give a hoot for the usual London societal rules. Gabriel is intrigued by her behavior, and it’s fascinating to see how he goes with the flow when her interest jumps from one topic to another. In fact, he finds himself figuring out how to intrigue her in return.

This was not your usual historical romance, and if you are in the mood for light reading that takes a slightly different path, this series would be a great one for you to read! ❤❤❤❤

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