This Chick is off to the #RT17 Convention in Atlanta! #Sundayblogshare

I can’t believe a year has passed since the RT Convention in Vegas last year! Wow, the time has flown! Today, my bags are packed and I’m heading off to Atlanta, to join Readers, Writers and Bloggers meet, mingle, learn and have fun with some of my favorite authors. This year I’ve signed up as a writer and am participating in a Writers Workshop on Monday and Tuesday, where hopefully I will be given some great advice on how to fine tune my novel, meet an agent and get published.

My sister and a few friends are driving in on Tuesday night and we’ll get the fan girl party started! Last year, I met so many wonderful people! Authors, readers, bloggers, everyone was just so nice! I Geeked out over meeting Kristen Ashley, Laura Kaye and Jill Shalvis, but also took home an amazing number of books and became fans of a whole new set of authors. Yes, I still plan on freaking when I see Kristen Ashley again, but this year, I can spread the love out a little more. LOL.

I will be updating you all from the convention with pictures and book counts. I hope to bring home some swag so I can do some giveaways  so I can share a little of the RT magic with you all!

Here are some pictures from last year’s convention, so you’ll know what fun I have in front of me!


Viva La Historical Social Event
Tons of larger than life posters everywhere!
Kristen Ashley!! (On right)
Laura Kaye (on left)
Jill Shalvis! (On right)
Swag, swag and more swag! This was one days!
And then there are cover models…..

Catch up with you from Atlanta!



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