This Chick Read : Burn for Me (Hidden Legacy #1) by Ilona Andrews

I recently re-read this book because the second book in the series, White Hot, will be released in the next couple months and I loved loved loved this book, but read it a long time ago. Burn for Me is set in our contemporary world, but there are some slight differences. Hierarchy is created by how much psychic and magical power you hold. The levels of power are ranked, the highest being a Prime.  These Prime families have bred to increase their psychic relevance, giving their family power, and with that power, money. Just as there are black sheep in normal families, in a Prime family, those black sheep can be almost unstoppable.

Nevada Baylor’s investigative agency is hired to bring in a Prime that has become dangerous to society, and himself. Nevada is pretty low on the magical rictor scale, she is a lie detector. A very useful tool as an investigator, but non threatening. While searching for her target, she becomes the focus of another Prime, Mad Rogan, a man famous for becoming a mass murderer in the last war.  Rogan is also searching for her target and after several threats on her life, they end up working this gig together.

Ilona Andrews writes engaging fantasy fiction with a hint of sexual tension. Their books are not bodice rippers, thank god. The fiction is power packed, engaging, original, and fun, but the sexual content is pretty subtle. However, as the tension heats up, you feel it! Nevada and Baylor have great sexual tension. Initially, he is not a very likable guy, but as he lets down his guard, we get a glimpse of the man behind the powerful facade, and he is very engaging. Nevada, although her power doesn’t pack a physical punch as Rogan’s does, has a vibrant personality and is no lap dog. She works hard to make a living for her family, and when her family is threatened, she goes all in, embracing her inner dragon. The verbal warfare between these two characters is snappy and fun! She is trying to stop his interest in her and he only keeps getting more infatuated- the dialog sizzles!

I loved getting to know these characters again. Book two comes out in May, book three in July. This is a series that is worth purchasing and I have already pre-ordered my copies. If you haven’t read Burn for Me, put it at the top of your TBR list. You will eat it up!


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