This Chick Read: Denial (Careless Whispers #1) by Lisa Renee Jones

Ella wakes up in a hospital, in Italy, with amnesia. Sitting next to her bed is a handsome stranger who claims to have found her beaten in an alley. Ella doesn’t have her passport or any ID, and can’t remember her name or where she is from. The stranger, Kayden Wilkens, is determined to offer her protection until her memory returns. With no other choice she accepts his offer.  Well, really, he gives her no choice. Ella spends the rest of this novel discovering things about Kayden that draw her to him, but also scares her. She also remembers bits and pieces of her own past, but not enough to give her a full picture of her life or what had happened to her..

Some of what Ella remembers is that she was briefly “under the protection” of another man and she was afraid of him. Kayden, although mysterious, powerful, and dangerous, is not a danger to her, but I kept wondering when she was going to start relying on herself instead of just finding a man to get her out of trouble. Every piece of her identity that was revealed made her look like a victim, and I’ll admit, those are my least favorite kinds of romances to read. I like a strong female protagonist, and Ella was just not that girl.

In the midst of learning bits of her mysterious past, she and Kayden start to have a relationship, and to me, it felt very fabricated. Part of that may have been my dislike of her victimization, but I wasn’t that keen on Kayden’s character either. He was too alpha, and other than his good lucks and loads of money, I didn’t see too many things to like. He also wouldn’t reveal anything about himself and you got the feeling that he might be playing her, which didn’t endear him to me. This book was the first in the series, and definitely left the reader hanging and the little I had learned about Ella and Kayden didn’t make me want to learn anything else. However, reading is subjective, so if you are a fan of this author you may want to check out this series. I however, will end my exploration of these two characters and stay in Denial. ❤❤❣

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  1. Oh my. I’ve heard good things about Jones. But you’re right, being a victim the entire time seems a little too much. And if you have to question the motives of someone, I’m guessing they may not be genuine.

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