This Chick Read: Leopard’s Fury (A Leopard Novel) by Christine Feehan

Christine Feehan’s Leopard series is about very alpha leopard shifter men who find their mates, and then through passion and danger convince those women that they can’t live without hem. Leopard’s Fury follows a similar theme. Alonzo grew up in a terrifyingly  brutal crime family where women were used as breeders and, obviously, weren’t respected. To escape that life he had to do some very horrible things that shaped who he was as a man. In America, he becomes his own version of a crime boss (somewhat of a good guy) and lives in constant danger. He meets Evangeline and she instantly makes all of his inner turmoil go away. She calms his inner beast.  Evangeline has her own brutal backstory, and has escaped her previous life to live pride free running her own bakery. When she meets Alonzo she is intrigued by his silent icy stare and secretly pines for him.

Christine Feehan is a very successful writer and this series has a huge following, but I’ll admit, it just wasn’t for me. Alonzo came into Evangeline’s bakery for a year and sat and stared at her four times a week.  In my world, that would be called stalking. Which, I guess is kind of the point because they are both leopards, and well, cats stalk.  But when reading about it, it was just kind of creepy.  Other than the obvious, he was ripped, handsome, intense, and made her shiver with awareness, I couldn’t understand why she was attracted.  I understood his attraction to her though. She was pretty, sweet, gentle, nice and funny. All things that were unique to him and made her an attractive mate.

The rest of the plot was pretty good, although for me, there was a bit too much sex.  Very, umm, animalistic sex. Which, I guess is kind of the point, because they are, umm, animals.  Kind of wild stuff though, so beware of the nature of the beast. ☺ ❤❤❤

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