This Chick Read: It Started With A Kiss (Sequoia Lake #1) by Marina Adair

It Started With A Kiss is a charming romance between Avery, a girl who has a new lease on life, and Ty, a guy that has been running away from his past. Avery’s life has always been tame because of her illness, but after the success of her kidney transplant she creates a journal for those less fortunate than her and through their dreams finds the answers to her own. Ty has always blamed himself for the death of his younger brother and because of that his relationship with his father suffered. The family business is on the rocks and Ty comes home to help it get back on track and in doing so forgives himself and starts to mend the rocky relationship with his father. Two very complete storylines for the main characters in this book yet Marina Adair deftly intertwines them with a romance that was new, fun, sexy and sweet.

The challenges Avery has faced, being sick for so long and then getting a transplant, gives her a unique outlook on life.  She wants to bring happiness to those around her by fulfilling a wish, and by riding on the back of a motorcycle or becoming a princess for a day she is actually learning things about herself and making her own dreams come true. I really loved this character for her joie de vivre in the face of a still uncertain future.

When Avery meets Ty, he can’t help but be charmed by her. She fulfills a wish of a friend by kissing a handsome stranger and she not only fills that wish, but starts Ty on a journey of self discovery and in the process helps him heal past wounds and find a love that is unique and real. In some books I get frustrated when the hero spends too much time trying to overcome his feelings and work through his pain, but Marina Adair found the correct balance and flow to this storyline that kept it fresh and enlightening instead of dark and brooding. Also the romance between these two characters had a ton of chemistry which made it easy to root for the pair of them to find happiness.

This book is a refreshing, funny, sexy story that I think will appeal to all contemporary romance fans and I highly recommend you giving it a try.


I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review.

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