This Chick Read: Pathfinder’s Way by T. A. White

This is a wonderful fantasy adventure novel that introduces us to a new type of adventurer, the Pathfinder. Shea belongs to the Pathfinder’s Guild, a job that she was raised to do from the age of 10. She has more experience traveling than others in her world, who may be at a more advanced age. She creates maps of her journeys, and her experiences with dangerous beasts and creatures, makes her guidance invaluable.  Unfortunately, she is a woman, and in her village, where she has been placed, the elders think they know better than she.  As she is rescuing a couple of villagers who have chosen to travel without her, she comes to the attention of a couple of Trateri.  This novel tells of her adventures with those people, a tribe who see’s the value of anyone, whether they be man or woman.

I read a ton of fantasy novels with kick ass heroines who either have a “gift” or some sort of magical knowledge that helps them in their fight against evil or achieve the goal they’ve set in front of themselves.  Shea is just a woman.  Her strength is her mind, and the knowledge and experience she applies to every difficulty that drops into her path.  She is strategic, logical and honorable.  Traits that I really admire, whether they be man or woman. Her surprised reaction as people admired her for her strategy, cleverness and physicality as she put her plans in motion was  funny and kind of sad.  She should have been valued by her own people.  Shea’s journey of learning was not over, she learned how to make friends, and how to fall in love.

This seemed to be a stand alone novel, but I hope this author will choose to continue to write Shea’s story, as her character really struck a chord, and I don’t think her journey is over quite yet.


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