This Chick Read: All Laced Up by Erin Fletcher

When ice skater Lia agrees to teach a skating class at her skating rink, she never thought that her co-teacher would be Pierce Miller, local celebrity, and probable future NHL player.  All Laced Up is a classic teen romance. Shy and uncertain Lia misunderstands Pierce’s confidence for cockiness.  It isn’t until she starts following him anonymously on a hockey social media site, that she see’s a different side of him.  Through their messaging, they help each other.  He with her self confidence and she helps him through a rough spot, as NHL scouts are eyeing him for the big leagues.

This was a sweet, very innocent, high school romance story. Erin Fletcher has a very easy, loose style of writing that was engaging and youthful. I am certainly not the target for this type of novel, as those days are definitely in the past, but if I had a daughter, I would highly recommend this PG rated romance.

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