This Chick Read: The Girl From Summer Hill by Jude Deveraux

Tate Landers, a smoldering Hollywood star, returns to his mothers childhood home in Summer Hill.  He grew up on all of her stories of this place, so doesn’t think twice about stripping down to use the shower on the porch of the guest house to his plantation.  What he doesn’t realize is that the guest house is now inhabited by Casey Reddick, and he unknowingly gives her quite a show!  This opening scene sets the stage for hilarity, drama, and falling in love.

Casey has been living in this guest house for a few months, hired as a chef for the staff of the local production of Pride and Prejudice.  Charmingly, the author uses this story to cast Casey in the role of Elizabeth Bennet, not just in the play but in her life.  As Elizabeth misconstrues Darcy’s actions and emotions, so does Casey misinterpret Tate’s.  I will say, that Tate is much more charming and good looking than Darcy was ever portrayed, and Casey had a lot more humor and warmth, so I preferred this more modern romance to the original.

As with the novel, Pride and Prejudice, the townspeople are cast in the various stage roles, and surprisingly their lives somewhat mirrored the character they were cast.  There is a couple interesting twists in Summer Hill that deviates from Jane Austen’s version, so even though the story is simple, it is not boring.

Jude Deveraux, a master at her craft, once again delivers a fun, sexy, summer read.  Perfect for that beach or mountain vacation this summer.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher Random House Publishing Group-Ballantine, through NetGalley for my honest and unbiased review.

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