This Chick Read: Vengeful Love: Black Diamonds by Laura Carter

I would like to preface this review with a personal note.  I met Laura Carter, the author of this series, at the RT Convention in Las Vegas last month.  She and I shared a bench while quickly wolfing down vegetable wraps, (that cost a mint!).  I saw that she was wearing a black badge that stated she was an author, and struck up a conversation.  I have to say, the people, authors and readers, at this convention were very warm and approachable.  The ladies I met, talked to, and made friends with, were from all walks of life.  Having that one thing in common, books, really broke down the walls that we usually hide ourselves behind.  Books are a wonderful ice breaker!  Laura, as I stated above, was no exception to the rule.  She was lovely, friendly, and didn’t mind talking to a somewhat overwhelmed woman on her first day at the convention.  I will say, I was somewhat bold (I thought), and asked her about writing her first sex scene and whether it got any easier over time.  She responded very openly, making me laugh about how her publishers didn’t want her to fade to black anymore, and encouraged her to take the scene into the bedroom.  If you’re interested in her answer to my question, she did say that writing sex scenes becomes very technical, and you worry more about the scene becoming repetitive, and stop blushing after the protagonist goes down on her love interest for the third time.  She was very funny!  We exchanged cards, and I was excited to get her email asking me to read and review her final book in this series.  Of course, it’s the third in the series, so I started from the first novel Vengeful Love, as it is a continuing storyline.  The publisher, Carina Press, sent me an ARC through NetGalley for my honest review.


As I mentioned above, Black Diamonds is the third novel in the Vengeful Love series, wrapping up the story of corporate lawyer Scarlett, and Billionaire Gregory Ryans.  I will admit that this was my first Billionaire series.  I had stayed away from Billionaire books because I thought they were a little far fetched, but if you broke it down, this author wrote a very believable tale about a businessman and a lawyer falling in love.  Now, of course, the fact that he was a billionaire gave us that fantasy element that most women are attracted to.  We could vicariously drive in fast cars, get expensive presents, and sail on gorgeous yachts.  All wonderful things to read about, making this fantasy full of glitz and glamour.  Oh, yeah, did I mention that these characters are also British, and this takes place in England?  Her use of British slang, geography, and law made this a unique read, but all of those things, were not what made me like this book as much as I did. I liked how well the author developed these characters.  They each had troubled pasts and in Gregory’s case a horrible childhood.  Overcoming diversity was a bond they shared, and drew them closer together.

If you read the author’s bio, you’ll see that Laura Carter is a lawyer, and she uses her knowledge about corporate law to add depth, and create a believable mystery.  As in the previous books, Scarlett is a formidable lawyer, and uses her skills to outsmart and outwit her opponents on Gregory’s behalf.  It is clear to see that even though Gregory and Scarlett have this mad passion for each other, he is just as drawn to her brain, as he is her body.  If he wasn’t I would have been sorely disappointed, and wouldn’t have liked him as much as I did.  As he was a self made Billionaire, it wouldn’t make sense for him to be interested in only a pretty body.

Laura Carter also has a deft hand with writing intrigue.  As the previous story arc ended, I had wondered how this plot would continue.  It made sense for the mystery to center on a business deal that Gregory was involved in and for  Scarlett to use her problem solving skills to put the puzzle pieces together, facing danger, which ultimately forces Gregory to acknowledge his emotions for her, bringing the story full circle.

I am unsure if this book would be classified as erotica, but I will give fair warning for those of you that like sweet romances.  This book has raunchy, very explicit sex scenes.  This may offend some readers, but may also attract others.  For my own taste, I enjoyed the storyline more than the sex scenes, and would read her other books with the hope that her storytelling remains just as good as it was in this one.


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