This Chick Read: Best of My Love by Susan Mallery

Last week, on my flight to the RT Booklover’s Convention in Las Vegas I read Susan Mallery’s brand new novel Best of My Love.  It seemed to be kismet that I had picked this book to read because her name was featured predominantly on our badges,  her books were handed out as gifts while we waited in line, and she and Robyn Carr hosted a session for their fans, thanking them for their support.  I was excited, this being my first Susan Mallery book that I’ve ever read, that I was able to honestly say that I was a fan.  This book was fantastic!  Thank you Harlequin and NetGalley for sending me an advanced copy for my honest review!

Best of My Love featured baker Shelby Gilmore and man slut Aidan Mitchell, owner of Mitchell’s Outdoor Adventures.  It seemed that Mitchell had a habit of sleeping around with all of the tourists because he was afraid of love.  Shelby had held men at arm’s length because of her distrust of men.  Shelby decided that what she needed was a platonic male friend, who she could feel comfortable with, to help her start to trust men.  She approaches Aidan because she thinks she can trust him and she thinks she can help him by being a platonic female friend so he can learn more about women, and come to respect them.  They agree to try out a friendship for six months.

I loved this idea, not because I have my own trust issues, although I do, but because I think a better understanding of the opposite sex could help all of us.  We all know that women like to talk through their problems, while men like to give solutions and fix things.  It was interesting to see how swapping an evening of doing things with the girls and then an evening of doing things with the guys made them appreciate how the opposite sex thinks.  Yes, the two sexes are different, or have different approaches to life, but what the other viewed as scary, really wasn’t, and after awhile, they stopped thinking about it, and started to feel the connection they had with each other.

The second thing I really enjoyed about this book, other than that the writing was Fab, and funny, was that the two of them explored friendship, well before jumping into bed with each other.  Oh, they were definitely attracted to each other, and the author amped up the tension as the book went on!  I just found it refreshing that their relationship developed in this rather old fashioned way.  Now, couples jump into bed, and then get to know each other, so hopefully this will inspire people that conversation, and getting to know one another can be just as exciting!  The sexual tension did not go on for too long either, just as I got to the point of, alright already (!), they got together.

Best of My Love is book #20 in the Fool’s Gold series.  19 more to go until I’m caught up!  I love it when I discover a prolific series!  This book will be released on 4/26/16.

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