This Chick Read: Currans POV (free download) by Gordon Andrews

If you are a huge fan of Ilona Andrews, then you have become addicted, as I have, to the Kate Daniels series.  Kate is a kick ass warrior woman who fights crime, solves mysteries and stands up for the underdog, using her fists, feet, sword and maybe a little boost of magic juice.  The first book, Magic Bites was published in 2007, and since then, we have watched Kate grow from being a loner, to having a couple of friends, to being courted and then mate to Curran the Beast Lord.  This series is told from Kate’s point of view which is great fun, but have you ever wondered, as Kate gets herself in and out of different messes, what Curran is thinking of it all?  If you have, then you’re in luck!  Gordon Andrews, the other half of the Ilona Andrews team who writes these amazing books, has written some scenes from Curran’s perspective.  They are FREE on their website

If you have not read any of the Kate Daniels books, then please do not waste your time reading these shorts.  They will not make any sense at all.  If, however, you wanted to know what was running through Currans mind when he met Kate and was courting Kate, then you’ll find these shorts as fun as I did.  There are also a couple of longer short stories that give a little insight into some of what Curran was doing while Kate was on her own, and he was solving Beast Lord issues.  Those stories are great and give some insight into Currans character and make me like him more.

These stories span all of the books and do jump in time a bit.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading them and f you’re a big fan I think you will too.

Grab a hot drink and dig in!

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