This Chick Read: Shadow Rider by Christine Feehan

Shadow Riders can use shadows to travel from one place to another by catching a ride through a shadow’s tubes.  The Ferrero family has made a business of shadow riding. They provide a service, caring for the people in their neighborhood, and being paid to “take care of” those who are harming others, the dregs of society.  Female riders are rare, and when Francesca walks into Stefano’s neighborhood he immediately knows what she is, and claims her for his own.  However, Francesca is running from trouble, and trust does not come easily for her, so Stefano’s got his work cut out for him, and he’ll do anything to win her over and protect what’s his.

I couldn’t help but make one small comparison to Kim Harrison’s Hollow series.  In that series, the characters can ride ley lines, a kind of stream of energy.  While that is the only similarity, the Hollow series is lighter and has more humor, while Shadow Rider is filled with darkness and sexual tension.  If anyone else draws that same comparison, please let me know.  The Hollow’s is one of my favorite series, so a comparison to it is a huge compliment, so don’t think I’m picking on Ms. Feehan!

Christine Feehan has written a fascinating first book in this new series.  Shadow Rider has a great concept and a gripping storyline.  Stefano’s and Francesca’s chemistry leaps off the page and smacks you upside the head, it’s so strong.  Luckily the Ferraro family is filled with men (and one woman), and I look forward to reading each of their stories!  This first novel, even though it’s Francesca and Stefano’s story, does a great job of character building for the rest of the family.  What’s not to like?  Beautiful people, mysterious pasts, and dark, dangerous jobs.  I, like Francesca, wondered many times if the Ferraro’s aren’t a mafia family.  Family is everything to these folks, and Francesca becomes family, and her problems become their own, immediately.

I hope this author is well into writing the next book in this series because I think these are going to become a huge hit!  I was given a copy of this book by the publisher Berkley, through NetGalley for my honest review.


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