It’s Monday, what are you reading? (5/15/23)

I got truly hooked into the audiobook for Abby Jimenez’s new novel Yours Truly and unfortunately ignored my husband for about a day and a half. LOL. I laughed out loud quite a few times, but this novel also really made me think about living a life without a lot of the anxiety’s that some people have and how fortunate I am to be able to do that. My Sunday was spent with family. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are celebrating this past weekend. I hope your day was filled with love and family.


I listened to the audiobook of this novel narrated by Kyla Garcia and Zachary Webber. I love how this novel used the narrators to tell each character’s point of view. This was both a funny and poignant novel. Did I say I liked these characters? Briana and Jacob were messy, fastidious, funny, and emotional wrecks. I, too was all of these things listening to this book. So good!


I feel like I literally just finished this author’s last novel The Dead Romantics. I got an advanced reader copy of The Seven Year Slip which comes out in June and I can’t wait to read it!! I’m trying to decide if I want to wait until I go on vacation in a couple of weeks to read it. I’m not sure I can wait though!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and happy reading!


2 thoughts on “It’s Monday, what are you reading? (5/15/23)

    1. I have go-to favorites too. Also, I have so many books on my kindle that I can easily go back through and find something I like. A comfortable know what you’re getting read is a great thing!


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