It’s Monday, what are you reading? (5/1/23)

Have you ever read a book by an author you love but that reading it is emotional torture? One of the books below was that book for me. Oh my goodness, I chose the audiobook, which can be torture in itself because you are held to the speed the narrator reads it. There is no skipping ahead without missing some of the content which I couldn’t do because I was so invested! I’ll tell you more below.


TORTURE! OK, it was tortuously good, but it was also tortuously emotional. I balled, I mean seriously cried for four hours while listening to this book. This was a box of tissues kind of book for me. Great characters, I loved the friendships, and Wyn and Harriet? OMG.


I really like Kelly Bowen’s historical fiction novels and the synopsis for this one really drew me in. The story is told using flashback sequences between WWII and French/Dutch resistance fighters and the current story of two sisters who purchase a chateau and are fixing it up. They discover documents that reference the resistance fighters which tie the two time frames together. I’m really enjoying it so far!

Have a great Monday and happy reading!


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