This Chick Read: Soul Taken (Mercy Thompson #13) by Patricia Briggs

The vampire, Wulfe, has been quietly stalking Mercy, playing music outside her home and just generally hanging out watching. A vampire stalker is definitely worrying so his disappearance should relieve Mercy but instead Mercy is determined to find out where he is and who is behind his disappearance.

I kind of wish this book had been released closer to Halloween because it definitely had that creepy, scary story vibe. A lot of the books in this series are kind of creepy so what made this one feel like it rode that line into horror? I think it was the participation of the regular old humans that gave it that vibe because Mercy already lives in creepy-town with vampires, werewolves, and the fearsome fae, but if humans are involved and one of their stories you tell around the campfire become true? That is scary! I couldn’t help hunkering down while I read this novel and enjoying my reaction just a little too much.

Wulfe going missing brings an awareness to an even bigger problem in Cincinnati and Mercy and her pack are the protector’s of that city so it’s their job to take on whoever has created this problem but when she checks around it isn’t any of the usual suspects. As they investigate what they unearth may become an even bigger problem for their pack in the future so the outcome of this investigation is of the utmost importance. All of my favorite characters take part in Soul Taken and I reveled in the fact that I was back with the pack and could enjoy seeing where Mercy and her proclivity for trouble and problem-solving would lead. What I found was that it’s a little creepy and a lot of fun!


I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review and it was honest!

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    1. It is totally worth it I promise! Mercy Thompson is one of my favorite fantasy heroines. She is strong, down to earth, and will sacrifice everything for those she cares for. It makes for great reading!

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