It’s Monday, what are you reading? (6/27/22)

I have been trapped by an audiobook series. Not a bad thing because I was totally engrossed after the third book and really enjoying the new urban fantasy world. But, it did put me behind on my commitments. Oops!! I also spent a bit of time working this weekend at our local Pride Fest and want to make sure to say to all of you in the LGBTQ+ community, happy Pride month! It was a lot of fun hanging out and representing Nashville Ballet with this very creative and engaging crowd. They were sparkly, colorful, and really nice! I wish I could say the same about the weather, it was bright and hot at over 100 degrees F. We all had pink cheeks and a healthy glow. I hope you spent your weekend doing something fun too! Let’s catch up on what I’ve been reading.


I have loved this author’s books, all of them. For some reason I had avoided this series. It’s about a girl that becomes a vampire and I thought that it wouldn’t be anything that I hadn’t read before. I think I’d picked up the first book a few times and couldn’t every get past the first few chapters but my sister said to try the audiobooks and to hang in there to book three. Quite a commitment but one that paid off. By the end of book 2 I was engaged and then the series really picked up. This novel is the most recent and was really good!


This book came out last week and I was supposed to have it reviewed by now but the above series totally stood in its way. I’m now halfway through and am seriously enjoying this half contemporary, half historical novel. Our two characters are really engaging and I love the way the plot follows a series of Dior dresses. How different and wonderful! Look for a review on this one this week.

Happy Monday and have a great week reading.