It’s Monday, what are you reading? (5/23/22)

When you’re out sick for a week you watch a lot of TV and read a LOT of books. I’m still quarantining from my husband who is now sick, so still reading and watching tv. I’m definitely jumping genre’s since I’m getting bored a little easy and trying to find something good that will stick. Here are the most recent books that are landing on my virtual bookshelf.


Kelley Armstrong has written so many great novels I just had to give her new series a try. A time travelling detective? This definitely checks the box for historical mystery, one of my favorite genre’s.


A new to me author, I ran across someone talking about this series and thought it sounded really interesting. A group of women who vet future husbands and make sure their future wives have rights and aren’t taken advantage of? Umm, yes please! It’s off to a great start so far and I may have found a new author to look out for!

I’d love to hear what books have caught your interest this week. Share in the comments!

Happy Monday and happy reading!