It’s Monday, what are you reading? (2/14/22)

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! If like me you have to work today and can’t spend it with your sweetheart, at least you can put in your earbuds and listen to your favorite book boyfriend! Admit it, we all do that at work once in awhile. Sometimes it makes that long day just a little more bearable. Here is what I’ve been reading this week!


I just finished the audiobook for the fifth book in the Iron Druid Chronicles series. This is such a fun irreverent series and I’m enjoying the ride. My favorite character? Atticus’s dog, Oberon. Voiced by Luke Daniels he sounds a bit like a smarty Scooby Doo. So funny!


The seventh book in the Casey Duncan series, these mysteries are so enjoyable and the characters wild and weird. Casey is once again trying to solve an investigation in the city of Rockton. Will it be her last?

I’ll admit that in addition to these books I’m also listening to one of my favorite romance novels called From Lukov With Love by Mariana Zapata. About two figure skaters who partner, go to the Olympics, and fall in love. It’s an enemies to lovers and so, so good! The Olympics got me in the mood!

Are you reading a romance novel for Valentine’s Day? Let’s hear it!

Happy Monday and happy reading!