It’s Monday, what are you reading? (9/6/21)

A long holiday weekend makes it easy to set aside time to read. I set myself up with a difficult task of reading and reviewing four books that all come out on the same day. How did I do that?!! Three down and one to go thank goodness. I’m doing much better than I thought I would. If you live in the US and had the extra day off this weekend I hope you’re enjoying it with a good book as well!


I’ve read this author’s previous two novels and thought I new her style but I was really surprised by the switch from YA contemporary to YA Christian (is that a genre?). This was definitely more religious than I’d normally pick out for myself but I let myself sink into the story and the message this author wanted to tell and really LOVED it. Please look for my review this week.


This is the last ARC for the four books I needed to read and review that are out next week. This looks like a fun, light story which is why I left this one for last. I haven’t yet started it but I think this will be what I’m reading on my day off today.

Are you on holiday this weekend as well? Or are you looking forward to getting off from work and getting back to that great book you started this weekend? Either way, I hope your book is a good one and brings you much joy!

Happy Monday!