It’s Monday, what are you reading? (7/12/21)

HI everyone, happy Monday! This week is going to be a busy one but I always have time to read. I finished three books this weekend, LOL. I have a week between ARC’s and decided to just let my feelings pick a book, or a few books. Here’s what is on my radar for the week.


Kind of a mixed bag, right? LOL I have continued my obsession with audiobooks and I’ve been listening to the Sebastian St. Cyr historical mystery series narrated by the amazing Davina Porter. Each of the books in this series moves the characters forward in their development. Soo good!

Deep is book #4 in the Stage Dive series. This was also an audiobook and one I’ve been putting off listening too. I think Kylie Scott is an awesome writer and I’ve enjoyed this series. Although I’ll admit that I have waited a long time between each novel. Luckily I catch up with the characters pretty quickly. These characters were side notes in other novels and truthfully, not very interesting. However, the author did a great job holding my interest.

Duke of my Heart was an impulse through the library. I really enjoyed the authors more recent novel The Paris Apartment which was not a regency style romance and I thought I’d see how her writing translates to a more traditional historical romance. I was really surprised! The plot was atypical and the characters interesting! It’s the first in a series and I may read the second. Still deciding.


I’m trying to do a better job of reading ahead on my ARC’s and Wait for It comes out next month. I just started it yesterday but so far so good!

Now that you know what I’m up to, I’d love to hear what you’re reading too! Please let me know in the comments.