This Chick Read: All Rhodes Lead Here by Mariana Zapata

Aurora has been driving around the country searching for the perfect place to land. What she doesn’t realize until she gets there is that the small town in the mountains she grew up in would be the perfect place. Renting an over the garage apartment from the teenage son of a surly silver haired fox is just the start to her homecoming. Getting a job at the outdoors store of her childhood friend may seem like a stretch since she doesn’t know a fishing lure from a fishing hook but she wants to connect and fill the time in her day. He whole life has changed and this is the start of her new one.

When Aurora rents her place she doesn’t realize that teenage Amos did it without his father’s permission and he is NOT pleased at the surprise. Rhodes (the silver haired hotty) is uber protective about his privacy but he gives her a trial run which of course turns into permanent occupancy. Aurora wants to get along with her neighbor but the reason she’s back in these hills is because she wants to retrace her mother’s steps. She had hiked all over these hills and it gives Aurora a connection to her, something she’s needed since her disappearance many years ago. She is also using this connection as a way to hear after her break-up with her long time boyfriend and country music star.

I am a big Mariana Zapata fan and I was ultimately happy with Aurora and Rhodes story. She typically writes pretty surly unapproachable men (Zac being the exception) and her female protagonists are always uber cheerful and determined to be friends. Aurora was maybe a little more cautious than past heroines but she followed the same format that has worked so well for Zapata in the past. What I liked the most about this novel though was Amos and how he really brought out the best in his dad. He was a bridge between Aurora and Rhodes. A bridge that was only used briefly but it worked as a plot point and got their arc moving pretty quickly, thank goodness.

Ultimately I enjoyed All Rhodes Lead Here. I liked all of the characters, especially Amos. I was only a little disappointed that once Aurora’s past was revealed that her talent wasn’t left in the past as much as it was. I’m not the author and don’t know why she would have chosen to give her a talent that she leaves in the past. I would’ve wished for her music to be part of her future more than was written in the ending of this book. Other than that I was ecstatic to have a new Zapata book to read and happy with the characters and story. I’m hoping Amos gets his own future love story, he was my favorite. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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