It’s Monday, what are you reading? (3/29/21)

How was everyone’s weekend? In Nashville we had quite a bit of rain on Saturday and some areas saw a lot of flooding. Our neighborhood was fine but seeing the flooding brought back some bad memories for a lot of people who lived through the floods in 2010. All of that rain on Saturday meant I was curled up in my recliner reading a book. I hope you all had great weekends and got to spend time reading as well!

This post originated over on Book Date, so thanks for the idea and letting me continue on the discussion about what books I am reading.


I have read the other books in this YA series, all of them scoring four ratings. There was something about the depth to the story in Love & Olives that really struck a chord. I think this is the best one yet and adored Olive, Theo, and Nico.


OK, I haven’t started this one yet, but I have been looking at pictures from my trip to Italy four years ago and despite not being able to take the journey in person, I might take it in my imagination by reading this book. It looks pretty good!

What book are you reading to help you get your week started?

Take Care!


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