It’s Monday, what are you reading? (2/22/21)

With the storms passing through last week, all I wanted to do this weekend was curl up with a good book! Did I reach for a new book? Nope! I went for the first book in a series that I hadn’t read in awhile. The 6th is coming out this week and after reading it I got curious again about the earlier days of this series. I do that a lot. LOL. Here’s what I was reading.

This post originated over on Book Date, so thanks for the idea and letting me continue on the discussion about what books I am reading.


This is the first book in the Alpha and Omega series. It’s an urban fantasy mystery series that is absolutely fantastic. Set in the same world as Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson series I had forgotten how much I loved the two main characters Charles and Anna.


This one is another re-read although I haven’t read it since it initially came out a year or so ago. It wasn’t my favorite book by this author and I wanted to see if my feelings had changed. I am somewhat struggling to get myself through this one so again I’d have to say that the characters are a little challenging to love. I do love this author a LOT though, she’s one of my favorites.

These are the books that got me through my weekend into my Monday. What are you reading today?

Happy Monday!


5 thoughts on “It’s Monday, what are you reading? (2/22/21)

  1. Louise

    I’m just finishing up with an eArc of The Conductors which is a magical, historical mystery. I am not really loving it as much as I had thought though. I am hoping to finish it tonight and then move onto a thriller as a change of pace… I have A Killers Daughter to start so I think that will be a good one to go with next. I heard of the Mercy series a while back and I am sure it is on my tbr somewhere but I never got around to getting the books!

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    1. I like changing genre’s too, especially if a book wasn’t great. It helps to keep the mojo flowing! Lol. If you haven’t read the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs and are a fan of urban fantasy you should! You’re in for a treat!


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