The 2020 Book Tag: The Reading Chick

I can’t wait for this year to be over, but it wasn’t all bad. I read some great books, but then I also read some that just missed the mark. So, when I was tagged by this young teen from Manchester, England who writes the blog Hundreds & Thousands of Books I thought this tag would be a good way to celebrate some great books and not so great books in a truly awful year. BTW if you haven’t checked out Hundreds & Thousands of Books and you’re a YA fan, you need to get over there and check her out!

Now, I do need to give props to the creator of this tag.

As with most of these, there are rules to follow. I only mention them in case you want to join in and answer these questions yourself!

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Name a book you were really excited to read:

I had received this book at a book convention and was curious. Nalini Singh writes paranormal romances but A Madness of Sunshine was said to be a straightforward mystery. How would this author change genre’s? Would she do it well? Let’s just say that I was not disappointed but then I wasn’t overly excited by it either. If you’d like to read my review, click HERE.

Name a book that started out really well and then….

What happens when you’re introduced to the heroine and you really like her but when you meet the hero you just go “huh”. Well, I really, really didn’t like the hero Dominic in this novel and had a tough time getting past that feeling.

If you’d like to read my full review click HERE.


My world went on hold the second week in March when I got sent home to work from home and well, I’ve never gone back. I’m still working from home.

Name a book that had an unexpected plot twist.

I had enjoyed this author’s previous novel The Dinner List but it had in no way prepared me for the emotional turmoil I’d be in reading In Five Years. Talk about twists and turns. Read my review for a short insight into this novel but I still don’t give away any secrets, except to say that I did like this book. Click HERE to read that review.

Name a book that felt like nothing happened.

This novel actually had a lot of things going on, but since it centered around an old folks home it had a very slow pace. There were a LOT of emotional traps in this slow pace so it’s not that nothing happened it just moved a little more slowly than my usual books. I also really enjoyed the change in fictional scenery. Click HERE to read my review.

Name a book where two main characters were separated.

Considering I read a lot of romance novels and Urban Fantasy this was a tough one to answer. I had to go with interpreting this question as two characters who were emotionally distant and came up with this novel. These two characters were married and where having difficulties. They separated briefly, but of course, resolved everything and got back together. I liked this novel too! LOL. If you’d like to read my review please click HERE.


Name a book where the characters made a bad decision.

This novel just had all sorts of problems for me. Most of all was our heroine pretending to be the “nanny” to stay with her child and the hero a stodgy Duke. I just really didn’t care for how this novel was written. If you’d care to read my review please click HERE.

Name a book with an impatient, overly eager character.

I really struggled with this one and finally settled on this novel. It’s the political intrigue that created a feeling of impatience though, not really the character.

Click HERE to read my review of this novel.


Name a book in which the character’s goals change midway.

Our main character Josie is pretty self-centered. She wants to make it big in musical theater, but when she takes a chance on it life throws her a curve and she has to adjust her priorities. This was a very different sort of coming of age novel. Not my favorite of the year, but it was interesting. If you’d like to read my review please click HERE.


Name a book whose sequel you really anticipated or are anticipating.

I LOVED the first book in this series and whereas I still liked this one, it didn’t live up to the original. Read my review HERE.

Name a book whose sequel was better than the original.

I read a LOT of series and I’m going back through last year and I can’t come up with a sequel better than the original. However, in some series a book #3 or #4 may be better than the first because the characters are more developed and I’m more all in on where the author has taken that character. This novel was that for me.

Every book in this series is better than the book before. This is an all time favorite series of mine to date. Click HERE to read my review.

Name a book you read just to finish it despite your dislike of the novel.

I am trying so hard to pick authors that I like to read because this year I’ve really struggled to immerse myself in a story. I did recently re-read a novel because I was hoping I’d like it more the second time. I didn’t. I do really like the author but she’s hit or miss for me now.

This is an older novel of this author’s and to be fair I’ve read two of her’s recently that I really liked. Then read a third and disliked it too, so there’s that. 🙂 If you’d like to read my review of this novel click HERE.

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Happy New Year Y’all!