This Chick Read: The Boy Toy by Nicola Marsh

After a failed marriage Samira Broderick left Australia and started a succussful new life in LA. When her cousin needs her help in her clinic, Samira offers to come back for six months and pitch in. Being back in Australia after years away, Samira is happy to re-connect with her mother, Kushi, but doesn’t miss the busy bodies in her Indian community. Her mom is always trying to marry her off to a traditional Indian man, but Samira doesn’t want that again. She connects with Rory, an Australian stunt man and starts a secret relationship that’s just supposed to be fun. When feelings start to develop she wonders if she’ll be able to leave after her six months is up.

What about the above sounded interesting? I’m not sure except that I have really found novels that include Indian culture very interesting. Samira is of mixed heritage with a caucasian father and traditional Indian mother. Despite her father being against setting up her first marriage, Samira went along with her mother and married a man that she thought she fell in love with, but it fell apart. Scared of committing to anyone Samira has focused on her career and pushed love aside. When Rory saves her from an unwelcome pickup in a bar, they connect and have a sizzling attraction to each other. Thinking she’d keep this just as light-hearted as her other relationships she is surprised when Rory sneaks under her skin.

Rory was a big surprise. His description sets him up to be a good looking Aussie and not much else, but the author spent a lot of time giving him a back story. He has stuttered since childhood and his self-consciousness is the reason for his insecurity. Like Samira, he’s not looking for a serious relationship either because he’s afraid to pass along her stutter to a child. I think this is the first time I’ve read where stuttering is hereditary and I thought that was really interesting!

I liked these two characters a lot. The author did a good job of making them feel real. I also loved (again) the peak into Indian culture and Samira’s family dynamic. I’m not sure if I was Indian in a past life or what, but I love reading about this culture even in a romance novel. This was a fun novel with a bit of serious undertones. A nice solid romantic drama that ended well and left me feeling good about these characters and their happily ever after. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I received a copy of this book through the publisher through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest!

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