It’s Monday, what are you reading?

It’s Monday! Or should ai say it’s Anyday because when working from home they do all kind of blend in together. The weekend flew by too fast, but I enjoyed spending time outside in the beautiful weather, but also inside reading and streaming some new shows. Really, the important thing is that I felt like reading for the first time. I finished a book that was for pleasure only. Yay! Let me tell you about what’s shuffled on and off my nightstand.

This post originated over on Book Date, so thanks for the idea and letting me continue on the discussion about what books I am reading.


You either love or hate shifter romance novels. I’m pretty ‘meh’ about them except for when it’s Shelly Laurenston. She writes with such a sense of humor that you know she doesn’t take herself seriously. This was a fun book but I am ready to move on from this badger series. Yeah, that sounded weird to me too!


I am switching genre‘s from romantic fantasy to science fiction. This is the second book in the Nightchaser series. I was a little disappointed in Nightchaser so I hope this book gets off to a fast start!

Ok, now it’s your turn to share what books you are reading this week!

Stay safe and healthy!


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