It’s Monday what are you reading? (1/6/2020)

After nearly two weeks off I am heading back to work today so this is a rather bittersweet Monday. However, I just finished a good book last night and will be starting a new one this afternoon, which turns that bittersweet into, well, semi-sweet at least. Lol. This post originated over on Book Date , so thanks for the idea and letting me join in the discussion!


First Sentence Read: “My funeral begins in an hour.”


First Sentence Read: “Rosie Vega: a department store shopper’s worst nightmare.”

What book are you starting your week with?

8 thoughts on “It’s Monday what are you reading? (1/6/2020)

  1. I’m starting at the beginning of the Montgomery Ink series by Carrie Ann Ryan. I remember #1 and enjoyed it more than many other large family/sibling romance series that I’ve tried. It may not be my favorite category, but I’ve been trying to branch out a little more.

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