It’s Monday! What are you Reading? (7/29/19)

Happy Monday everyone! I ran across this post on Book Date and liked the idea of sharing what I’m currently reading, so here goes!


First Sentence: “Late June in Seattle sometimes delivered the heat.”


First Sentence: “I wouldn’t have been caught dead in here a year ago.”

I met Marie Harte at the Booklover’s Convention in May and her publisher sent me the first novel in this series, ‘Veteran Movers’. I read it and thought the premise was really cute. Ex-Vet brothers start a moving company and only hire Veterans. The two brothers are completely different. One was more business minded and conservative while the other was beefier and crass. I’ve now read both of their stories, and they were as different as the men’s personalities. Smooth Moves is the second novel about Cash, a musclebound Marine with heart. I liked his story even if I didn’t really identify with either character.

I saw Hate Notes listed in an article about great audiobooks and had to give this one a try. I found it on Kindle Unlimited and surprisingly enough the audio came along with the membership! Yeah! I’m reading a listening and like the two main characters story so far!

Now that you know what I’m reading…

What are you reading on this fine Monday?

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