This Chicks Confession- 2019

I CONFESS– I struggled to reach my Goodreads goal for 2018. I set it for 200 and was 7 away with one week ago. I read a bunch of novellas, included two audio re-reads, and ended the year at exactly 200 on 12/31/18. I feel guilty, should I?

So, I only set my 2019 challenge for 170 books this year. Although I’ll have to say, I’m off to a very quick start!

I CONFESS– I stopped accepting review requests on my blog midway through 2018. I do still request ARC’s through NetGalley though…

Well….I will accept reviews from authors I’ve previously read and enjoyed though…so not totally!

I CONFESS– I frequently run out of ideas for posts on my blog. It’s frustrating! I really admire those of you who post with brand new content all the time. How do you do it??? Advice is welcome!

I CONFESS– Sometimes I just want to read a fluffy feel good book! I don’t want to read a book just because it deals with a subject that I’m supposed to want to read because it’s popular. I want romance! I want escapism! I want to quit my job! wait, what??!! LOL

I CONFESS– I got tired and stopped blog hopping. I KNOW! What a lazy bum, right? My husband got me this really cool little laptop for Christmas and makes blog hopping so easy and fun! I’m going to say that dreaded word, but my GOAL (ugh!) is to amp up my hopping activity. I love checking out everyone’s blogs. I just got tired. Then the holidays, and well, I got sick. A couple times. So then, anyway… I will!

That’s me. Bunny, um yeah, blog hopping. LOL

So now that I’m done confessing… I’m just going to get back to it.

I hope 2019 brings you joy, happiness, romance, good luck and GREAT books!


16 thoughts on “This Chicks Confession- 2019

  1. Oh no I’m so sorry you got sick in the end of the year, I hope you’re feeling all better now! ❤
    HAPPY NEW YEAR DEBORAH! I hope your 2019 is off to a good start and that the year will bring you tons of happiness and awesome books, too ❤
    Best of luck for your goodreads goal, I'm certain you'll make it ❤

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  2. Love these confessions! In the second half of 2018 I struggled to come up with new content outside my reviews a lot of it was just not having time to sit down and write something. This year I’ve created a blogging schedule and picked my topics for the whole year so that I can be prepared. I plan to try to write posts early so that I can have everything ready to go and then just work on reviews as they come. Don’t know how well this will work but fingers crossed.

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    1. Wow! You are super organized! I am only semi organized but it’s only my freestyle posts that I struggle with. The others are all plotted on certain days. I really do admire people who come up with so many different subjects!

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  3. Love how you did this post! I don’t accept requests through my blog either- it’s just too overwhelming and also only do it through netgalley. I also need fluffy books to survive!!! And bloghopping is hard- I think we all struggle with that at times- well I know I do 😉

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    1. Fluffy books sometimes get me through a bad day! I am always trying to improve my blog hopping but you know? Sometimes I do great, and other times I go days without looking. Most of the new authors I find are through other bloggers so I will never stop. I’ll try not to beat myself though. I do what I can! As we all do, right? Thanks for hopping to my blog!

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  4. I do not think you should feel guilty for reading a few shorter books to hit your 2018 goal! Many people do that! I read lots of short books throughout the year to give myself a break from the longer books… You just did it all at the end of the year lol

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  5. I confess that me blog hopping has been way behind. Hence why I only be getting to this post now! Today is the day to get through the backlog. Only about 50 posts to go! I love reading end of year posts so I refuse to skip them. This one made me laugh! Cheating to make yer goal is very pirate-like of ye. I approve! It counts!
    x The Captain

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