This Chick Read: The Simplicity of Cider by Amy E. Reichert

Sanna Lund lives on her family’s apple orchard with her father in Wisconsin. She tinkers all day with ingredients to make cider, seeing the flavors as vivid colors in her mind. Her father hires Isaac Banks and his ten year old son Sebastian to help out around the farm for the summer. Sanna isn’t excited to share her space with a child but her blunt straightforwardness and his childlike exuberance are the perfect pairing opening Sanna’s eyes to things outside the box of her farm. When her father has an accident, Isaac’s steadfast assurance and helpful hands enables them to keep the farm running while her father heals. When her brother comes home to help out, he tries to convince them to sell the land to developers and Sanna has to deal with more change in her little world.

Unlike the previous novel of Amy E. Reicherts that I have read, The Coincindence of Coconut Cake, there was a sad undertone to this story that held me back from giving it a 5 rating. Isaac was running away from troubles at home and keeping a huge secret from his son Bass. Their relationship had such a great father son dynamic that I really didn’t look forward to his secret being revealed which made me a little uncomfortable.

Sanna was a very blunt, straightforward young woman and when her world is threatened by developers she got more stubborn, missing some clues that someone was sabotaging her farm. I was a little frustrated that she stuck her head in the sand for so long! However, I also could identify with her need for her world not to change too fast or too much. Change is hard! When she and Isaac started to work together to help the farm move into this century it gave me hope that both of their characters would grow, and they did, but the pace of the novel remained pretty slow which confused me. Those contradictions of pace and plot made me a little hesitant to commit myself to the outcome of their relationship.

The best part of The Simplicity of Cider was how family was such a huge part of both plot points. Isaac’s relationship with his son meant the world to him. He knows the secret he is holding is going to destory his son, and it does, but they are able to overcome his actions through love. Sanna’s family too was at odds, but as the novel went on her family joined together to save their farm. Sanna, too had to forgive and move on, becoming healthier and more ready to accept the changes life may have for her.

If you are looking for a romance novel this may not be the right fit for you. Yes, there is a romance but it takes a back seat to the conflicts in both Isaac’s and Sanna’s families. I will say that after all was said and done I did go grab an apple out of my fruit bowl and relish taking that first bite. ❤️❤️❤️❣️

Simplicity of Cider

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    1. I met her too and purchased all three of her books I liked her so much. This was not a bad book at all, it just wasn’t what I expected. I did like her Coconut cake novel a little better but that had more of a focus on the romance. If that isn’t what you are looking for then you’ll probably love this one!


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