This Chick Read: Everything All At Once by Katrina Leno

The prologue for Everything All At Once immediately showed me that there were going to be some surprises in this story, because in what should’ve been a very sad scene I laughed out loud at this family’s heartbreaking homage. Lottie Reaver’s favorite Aunt Helen has died and  left her 24 letters to be opened after she has completed each task listed in the letter.  Lottie’s Aunt Helen is a famous author of a children’s book series, kind of equivalent to J.K Rowling and Harry Potter in popularity. It is hard for her to grieve for her aunt when the world wants to stop you and give their condolences. Everyone loved her aunt and her Alvin Hatter series. This novel is about Lottie learning how to grieve, but the bigger story is Lottie’s self discovery and dealing with her anxiety.

Lottie and her aunt shared these anxiety attacks and as the book goes on we realize that the tasks Helen has left Lottie are multi-purpose. They are to help her gain confidence, allaying her anxieties, but also teaching her how to live and take courage in the living of her life. The letters also lead up to a big personal secret of her aunt’s that is mind blowing and takes this novel in a direction I didn’t foresee.

I loved this novel! It had such heart, and the more I came to know Lottie, the more I really liked her and wanted to see her overcome her fears of life and of death. Her aunt’s letters revealed a lot about Helen’s personality giving the reader insight into why Lottie and her family were so overwhelmed with grief. This author did such a great job of adding subtle depth to each character that their quirks made them interesting and added to their real-ness. There was only one plot point that made me stop in my tracks and go “what??”. You’ll either love it or hate it, but I loved it and didn’t want the story to end where it did.

This was my first novel by Katrina Leno and if they are all this good and quirky, I’ll be a fan forever. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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