This Chick Read: An Uncommon Honeymoon (Librarian and Spy Escapade #3) by Susan Mann

While on their honeymoon, spies, Quinn and James are asked to go undercover at a party to see if they can gather information on a human trafficking suspect. While undercover, Quinn meets two of the kidnapped children and her heart strings are tugged. She is determined to stop this ring and save these kids, with the help of her husband and fellow spy, James. As with her other novels, Susan Mann brings a human element into what could’ve been a rather mundane romantic story line. Human trafficking is a real issue and here in the state of Tennessee (where I live), you see posters in bathrooms and rest stops. I thought the balance of such a serious subject matter was relieved by the lighthearted romance between Quinn and James.

This is the third novel featuring these two main characters and we know them pretty well. Quinn’s skills are in her knowledge and researching skills. James is the more physical spy of the two, although that structure seems to have changed with An Uncommon Honeymoon. In the past Quinn seemed to know everything, spouting interesting facts and tidbits, but the Russian setting seemed to throw her off her stride, although her confidence in her budding spy skills was strong. She was firing a gun and kicking Russian butt like she’d been doing it for years.

The Indian setting was one of the things I liked best about A Covert Affair, and I missed that librarian curiosity that Quinn portrayed previously. She was more spy-ish than librarian-ish in this novel, which seemed a bit out of character. The romance between Quinn and James sizzled, as it should with newlyweds, and this novel had a lot more sexy scenes than the previous two books. Am I interested in reading and learning more about Quinn and James? I think I am, although I believe this author needs to share the growth more evenly over those two characters. Unless she wants to write a novel where Quinn becomes James’ boss?

I was given a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest!


An Uncommon Honeymoon

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