This Chicks Sunday Commentary: Book Lovers Tag

I saw this tag on Vicki’s blog at The Page Turner and thought it would be a fun get to know you post. I enjoyed reading Vicki’s answers and went on to check out her blog after I read this post. She is one busy woman! Mother, grandmother, writer, blogger….wow! Check out her blog if you haven’t already, she’s got some great writing samples, tags and reviews.

The Book Lovers Tag

Do you have a specific place for writing? 

I don’t really have a special place for writing my blog posts. I’m usually in my living room with my feet kicked up on the coffee table while typing away on my IPad. Right now the TV is on with a MLB Playoff game in the background. I like a little background noise and the TV on to stare blindly at when I’m thinking of something clever to say.

Bookmark or random pieces of paper?

Oh, I am definitely a book mark gal.  I have some nice bookmarks that I’ve picked up traveling but I also have bookmarks from publishers, authors, book of the month clubs. Oh gosh, I have them EVERYWHERE! The picture below isn’t even all of them, just a handful. Anyone want one? I’ll mail you one if you comment below!

Can you stop anywhere or must it be at the end of a chapter?
Most of the time I stop at a natural break but if I’ve pushed myself into reading through the night or until really late, I’ll just close the book. Most likely I’ll have to backtrack a few pages anyway just to remember the plot. Have you ever read when you’re really tired and then can’t remember anything? Yeah, me too!

Do you eat or drink while reading?

A great cup of coffee or tea in the winter, a sandwich on my lunch break. You bet! I can’t write while eating though…

Music or TV while reading? 

The TV is on all the time because if I’m reading my husband is watching one of his shows (Ice Road Truckers, Deadliest Catch, DIY shows..). We are in the same room so that counts as hanging out, right? Lol. Music is a whole other ballgame. That breaks my concentration and I have to leave the room.  

One book at a time or several?

Sometimes if I’m reading a book and its good but isn’t really grabbing me, I’ll put it down and pick up something I’m more in the mood to read.  I am also usually listening to an audiobook on my drive to and from work, so sometimes three at a time!

Do you prefer to read at home or elsewhere?


Read out loud or silently?

Do people really read out loud? Fascinating. No, I’m a silent reader, although if it’s funny I may laugh out loud!

Do you read ahead or skip pages?

I don’t read ahead unless it looks like the romance isn’t going anywhere or I need to make sure someone doesn’t die at the end. Mostly I read it as it should be read, in order.

Break the spine or keep it new?

Break the spine??!! Sacrilege! NO! I try to keep my books in great shape. In fact, my own mother destroys books and if something is really good I’ll buy her her own copy and won’t let her touch mine.  She is horrible!

Do you write in your books?

Not usually? But I do have a Little Free Library and will put my number inside a book occassionally if I’m putting it out for someone to take.

What books have you read recently?

I just finished Warcross by Marie Lu, it was fabulous. I am also listening to 2 series as re-reads. Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson series and Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels series. And I just noticed that the names of the series are their main characters, and female. Maybe I need to branch out!

All time favorite book?

I don’t really have one? I do love it when a book creates a memory for me. My mom reading me The Hobbit, my love for any of the OZ books as a little girl. As an adult? I love a good fantasy novel and am enjoying reading a number of new authors…

My nominations for the Book Lover’s Tag are:

If you read to the end, consider yourself nominated! 

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  2. Oh lovely answers to this tag, Deborah! I find it especially funny to type this as I’m sitting on my couch, feet kicked up on the coffee table… just like you do when you write your blog posts 😉 I’m never breaking the spines, well, I’m always being extra-careful with my books as well, ahah, glad I’m not the only one 😉
    I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed Warcross, it was such a thrilling ride, wasn’t it? 🙂

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