This Chick Read: The Sight (Devil’s Isle #2) by Chloe Neill

After the Paranormal War, Claire Connolly became infected with magic and has become a “Sensitive”. Illegal in New Orleans, she has to hide what she has become.  In The Veil, Liam, a bounty hunter, had discovered Claire and instead of turning her in he has helped her find training so that she can contain her magic, lessening her chances of becoming a wraithe. Now colleagues, Claire and Liam have stumbled upon a cult that is trying to start up another war that will finish off all sensitives and the humans that support them.

The Sight, the second novel in the Devil’s Isle series, shows a natural evolution between those with magic and those without. Fighting a common enemy has opened their eyes so that hopefully the rules in place will change. However, in the fight against this common enemy, casualties happen that may affect their relationships longterm.

The first novel in this series spent a lot of time setting up the world building and main characters. Because of that it took a little while for the characters to grow on me. In The Sight, I know where everyone stands, their feelings about magic and Sensitives, and so the story seemed to move a lot quicker. Also the fight against a common enemy was a nice way to force characters into holding their bias at bay and growing a bit. If I found fault with anything in this novel it was that the characters feelings seemed a little juvenile for the seriousness of their situations. At times I wanted to give them a kick in the shins to hurry them along the path I wanted them to take. Unfortunately the shins I wanted to kick the hardest were Claire and Liam’s and because of that my feelings weren’t enmeshed as much as they should’ve been in the storyline. However, this book does have a great twist at the end, so I may have to pick up the next book and see how their story continues. ❤️❤️❤️

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