This Chick Read: On the Chase ( Rocky Mountain K9 Unit #2) by Katie Ruggle

I fell in serious like with Hugh Murdoch in Run to Ground, the first novel in the Rocky Mountain K9 Unit series. Hugh was the seriously needed comic relief from a rather brooding hero, Theo, so I was totally jazzed to read his story. His love interest Kaylee, see’s a crime that she may not survive witnessing. Using a familiar mysterious benefactor, she ends up the new roommate to Jules and her siblings in Hugh’s hometown. After Jules’ brush with danger the K9 unit that both Theo and Hugh belong are immediately suspicious of Kaylee, now renamed Grace. She and Hugh butt heads while he tries to figure out her story. Then as with all of Katie Ruggles books, hi-jinks ensue.

I was thrilled with Grace and Hugh’s chemistry, energy and witty repartee, something I thought Run to Ground had lacked. Hugh, the king of one liners was always good for a quick smile, but now we get to see the man behind the mask and I really liked what I saw. Hugh hides his emotions by cracking those jokes, yet that mask drops when his new lady looks to be in danger. Grace had what Jules lacked, a spine. Although to cut Jules a little slack, Grace is only looking out for herself and didn’t have to worry about any younger siblings. Grace has sass, and even though seriously scared about what she ran from, she never lacked a quick comeback and managed to keep her head on straight.

The two of them together were a fun read, and the energetic plot helped move those pages along. I was worried after Run to Ground’s lackluster start but I think Ms. Ruggle has found her romantic suspense legs again.

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest.


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