This Chick Read: Under the Wire ( Bad Boys Undercover #4) by Helenkay Dimon

This romantic suspense novel is the fourth novel in the series, but luckily this story stands pretty well on its own. Our hero Reid Armstrong belongs to a top secret military unit that has previously rescued our heroine Cara Layne. Caught up in the passion of the moment they start a relationship and plan to be married. Until Cara comes to her senses, or really, starts to doubt her feelings and breaks things off with Reid. This novel starts when Cara is in danger in Russia and her brother hires Reid to find her and bring her out alive. Reid, who had implanted a LoJack in her previously ( yeah, you read that right!), switches it on and pretty easily tracks her down. That seems to be the only easy part of this mission.

Reid brings along one of his teammates to help with the rescue and thank god because he provided some much needed comic relief. The plot was well written, but I found it hard to identify with these two characters. Reid was the strong silent military guy. Non communicative about his feelings, he played silent and broody even during the emotional scenes. You would think Cara would be the more emotional character and bring a little balance to the pair, romantically, but she was kind of stunted. Her responses were robotic and even though the plot moved along well, her lack of emotion really slowed down any momentum in this book. It’s funny that I can forgive a man for being  unemotional but not the woman. Very stereotypical of me, but regardless, Under the Wire just didn’t pull my heartstrings.


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