This Chick Read: Deceptions (Cainsville #3) by Kelley Armstrong

Life for Olivia Taylor Jones has been spinning uncontrollably ever since she discovered she was adopted and her real parents were famous serial killers. Now working for friend and lawyer, Gabriel, Olivia continues to explore the reasons for her real parents killing spree. She can no longer write off the visions she has been having, as now, they overtake her everyday life, leaving her incapacitated and feverish. These visions are trying to tell her something about herself, Ricky and Gabriel, and the people of Cainsville. These visions have her asking questions that ultimately answer the mystery of why her parents would kill three couples in cold blood.

Her relationship to Ricky has become even more heated. However, her relationship with Gabriel, although different than with Ricky is just as emotional. As her visions get more specific, she realizes that the three of them are players in a game between two factions of fae. A game none of them are playing willingly yet they keep getting sucked in deeper.

I am thoroughly enjoying how Olivia’s feelings are being yanked back and forth between Ricky and Gabriel. Ricky, heir to an MC gang, should be the bad boy in this threesome but he is actually the reasonable, stable choice. Gabriel is the bad boy, the emotionally damaged choice. Olivia can’t let him go and I’ll admit there is something about him that makes me root for her final choice to be Gabriel. However, this is only book three and there are two more books full of paranormal happenings, romantic entanglements and strategy between fae to take place. I am going to sit back in my armchair and enjoy the ride. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️

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