This Chick Read: Trigger (Origins #1) by Scarlett Dawn

Shifter Romance Alert! Shifter Romance Alert! Shifter Romance Alert!

Some people really don’t appreciate a good shifter romance. What’s not to like? Men, (or women!) who can shift between human and some sort of animal form, finds their mate, goes all alpha on them and they live forever in heat, uh love. Right?  Well, Trigger does have a few of those elements. Godric, God to his friends, is the King. Literally. He’s a lion shifter, and he rules a world where women must get married to procreate by the age of 25, or enter the military. Who wouldn’t like that premise? Well, most women probably. However, once I started reading, I was intrigued!

Poppy, is just about to turn 25 and her father, a military General who opposes Godric’s rule, has hand picked her husband to be. Poppy doesn’t want to marry some stranger. She makes plans to sneak off and join the military. Godric’s army. The night before she’s to leave, she has a one night stand. She has some pretty hot sex with this charming stranger. You got it right, Godric was her one night stand. Apparently, in this world, a shifter only finds out he’s mated by a “blood test” after he has sex with a woman. A rule that made me pause. Hmmm, if they live forever, and want to be mated, how many women do these guys go through? Anyway, Poppy sneaks away (sans blood test) and enrolls in boot camp.

Godric, as the leader of the army she enrolls in, finds Poppy pretty quickly, and their relationship quickly escalates. But, during the boot camp process we find out that Poppy is no shrinking hot house flower. She kicks butt! We also get a little more background about this rule about women having to procreate by 25. Shifters run the world. Humans don’t know about them. Shifters need humans because that’s who they can become mated with, but the male to female ratio is seriously depleted. Women HAVE to have children in order for the human race to survive, they just don’t know it!  It made me like that rule only slightly less, but at least I understand it now. LOL.

Scarlett Dawn did a great job of building a really interesting world. It was a part futuristic, militaristic, paranormal, action adventure novel. Truly, it was unlike any other shifter romance I’ve read. I liked it!  It was fun to explore a new world, and our hero and heroine had good chemistry and sass. The sex scenes were R rated, so if that’s not your thing, then skim those, but the story was solid. This was my first novel of Scarlett Dawn’s and I was impressed enough with her writing skills to try another. The second in this series comes out soon, but in the meantime, she is a Kindle Unlimited author, and there’s many other series to choose. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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