This Chick Read: A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab

A Darker Shade of Magic has a really interesting concept. There are four London’s in alternate universes. The darkest, black London was given up as lost long ago because magic took it over. The danger was so great that the next London, Grey, (I hope I get these in the right order!) shuts itself off and loses all of its magic. The third London, white, has strong magic, and its citizens view that the more you have the higher in hierarchy you are in society. The strongest citizens rule. Last is red London. Red also has magic, but is ruled by peaceful people, and its citizens are happy and pretty normal.  Kell, an Antari, can travel between all of the London’s, and he does, delivering messages to all of its rulers (except black as it is shut off.) Until one day, the rulers of white London try to rule them all.

I realize that the above explanation is very simplified, but without copying and pasting a synopsis from Goodreads on my blog, I thought a simple explanation in my own words is better than he back of the book. OK, on to the book review.  Kell, as the hero, is not without his faults, but we can see past the jealousy he feels towards his brother to the insecurities of the little orphan boy that was taken in by the King and Queen. He is resentful that he is being used as a messenger, but also reliant upon the gift of his Antari blood to go between worlds, when there are only two people who can. His smuggling between worlds is a way for him to make himself feel important, even though it is that which puts his own world in danger.

Delilah Bard, our heroine, is completely without magic as she is from the grey London. However, her skills as a thief are what entangles her with Kell, putting her in dangers path and ultimately lets her raise herself from her poor station in her life because Kell can’t leave her to face danger alone. Together, the two of them make a great pair! One in emotional turmoil, and the other with a nonchalance and excitement for the unknown. That combination made for a great story! An action adventure novel with heart.

I can understand why everyone raves about this series, but am only giving it ❤❤❤❤because I want Kell’s character to have a little more growth. I loved Delilah though.


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  1. I’m reading A Gathering of Shadows at the moment – I should say I’m listening to it.:D I had a hard time with book 1, but I love the new narrators – dual POV should always be read by more than one narrator.

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