This Chick Read: The Bitter Kingdom (The Girl of Fire and Thorns #3) by Rae Carson

The Bitter Kingdom is the final installment in this epic fantasy series. Elisa, Queen and Chosen by God, finally fulfills her duty. Fighting her own people and others in far off lands she tries to bring peace and unity to all of the kingdoms. 

I have enjoyed the religious aspects of this series, but will admit to a little frustration with Elisa’s having to sacrifice everything for her people. I know, as queen, she must live up to her kingdoms standards, but as queen, shouldn’t she also get to make some of her own decisions regardless of how it affects others?  If not, then what’s the joy in being queen? Her relationship and love for Hector was the biggest frustration, only allaying it when she is able to choose him for political reasons. The only reason why that didn’t anger me more is that we saw her inner pain and fear when he was taken captive and she and her small group travel to rescue him.

The rest of the story was pretty satisfying! She explores her own humanity, and it is that which saves herself, her friends and her people. Elisa has come a long way from the overweight, frightened girl we first read about in The Girl of Fire and Thorns. With her experiences and self discoveries she sees her duty, outsmarts the other kingdoms, realizes her potential as ruler and moves from girlhood to being a woman, ultimately finding love. I just wish that her journey had happened a little quicker.


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