This Chick Read: New Years Resolution: One to Keep (River’s Sigh B&B) by Ev Bishop

In the spirit of the New Year, and all of our resolutions, I wanted to read and review this very cute short story about a woman and her resolution to stay away from men. Will she stick to her resolution?

This novella, set in the River’s Sigh B&B series, is about Sophie, a self proclaimed -don’t need a man to be happy- woman. After being dumped at the alter because she was happy with who she was and didn’t want to change, Sophie decides that she just isn’t made for a relationship. She likes food, and is happy being a little plump. She is honest, states what she feels and doesn’t play any games.  Hmmmm, she sounds pretty familiar to me! This was a lady that I think a lot of women would identify with!  Not waiting to be a couple, Sophie goes on vacation by herself to a secluded B&B that is actually closed for the holidays, with the exception of a care-taker.  You got it!  Her love interest Jesse.

Jesse was not without his own foibles. Divorced and still carrying that baggage around. When they meet, they have an instant connection, but don’t trust their feelings as they’ve both been burned. This novel is about two pretty ordinary people who have to decide to take that leap back into love. It’s a novella, so it all does happen pretty fast, and I did have an instant of annoyance that they just didn’t understand that they were supposed to be together. But, as I said, it’s a short story, so they (and I) got over it pretty quickly and got my happily ever after that both I, and they, were looking for.

This was a sweet story, and a perfect one day read for those of you looking for a quick getaway. Ev Bishop gave Sophie and Jesse a lot of back story, and it wasn’t hard to care for these characters quickly and enjoy watching them fall for each other. Just what I wanted for my weekend read. I am also intrigued enough with the setting to check out one of the other full length novels in this series!


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