This Chick Read: Apprentice in Death ( In Death #43) by J.D. Robb

A sniper shoots three people at an NYC ice ring and Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her team are called in to catch the killer before the killer strikes again.  This was a faster moving investigation than previous novels, with Eve and her team figuring out the mystery pretty early on in the story. A step behind the shooter until the end, it was fascinating to see how Eve’s own apprenticeship with Capt.Feeney, and her own mentorship to Peabody gave her insight into how to crack the case and get into the mind of the shooter.

As this is the 43rd book in the In Death series, there aren’t too many surprises from Eve’s character anymore.  Her psyche has been picked apart in the previous novels, and though she still fights her demons, I think Eve actually matures a little in this novel. She doesn’t seem to be dwelling so much on her past, and although she can’t leave it entirely in the past, she doesn’t seem to be as fractured. In fact, there may be some hope that her relationship with her husband Roarke has finally softened her a bit.  She can even put together her own outfit without his approval!  Dare we to hope that this softening might someday soon become more maternal?  Based on the ending to this book, that hope may not be too far away.  Of course, we are on book 43 and only two years into their marriage.  At this pace we’ll watch her investigate 43 more murders before this author lets us have that happily ever after.


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